New Digital Manga Guild Project – Chayamachi’s Collection: NOIR

The third project my Digital Manga Guild group worked on, Chayamachi’s Collection: Noir by Suguro Chayamachi, was just released this week:

Black is an expression, a color before which words can only hesitate.
Suguro Chayamachi returns with another set of short stories in her second collection, NOIR.
An unlikely friendship begins when a delinquent picks up a timid businessman stranded on the side of the road. Though they can’t understand each other there is something they each gain from this new, strange relationship.
Later, a teenager hires out help to break up his ex-girlfriend’s new relationship, but his new accomplice isn’t quite what she seems. In Nazi Germany, an artist is caught in treason when his son drops a book of paintings. And in England, a street urchin is given a special job, and while it seems simple there is a dark secret to it that could mean disaster for his friend.

Chayamachi’s Collection: NOIR basically follows the same pattern as BLANC, with 6 short stories (this time the first three are related) falling into different genres, but ultimately all being about people. Again, I really enjoyed working on this one, so I hope that it does well, and that DMG gives my group more manga like this to localize in the future.

You can buy Chayamachi’s Collection: NOIR on the Kindle or the Nook. Again, the link doesn’t seem to be working right just yet.

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