New Digital Manga Guild Title Released: Chayamachi’s Collection BLANC

It’s been a few months since another of my DMG group’s work has been released, but our second project just came out this week: Chayamachi’s Collection: BLANC by Suguru Chayamachi:

White is passion, a color that won’t yield to even the slightest imperfection.
From manga artist Suguro Chayamachi comes BLANC, a collection of six very unique short stories.
A young man takes it upon himself to find a lost cat’s home. Two delinquents bond after one has a near-death experience. A boy discovers the joys and pains of first love. One punk makes a dark decision to cover up his tracks. A familiar face has one teenager remembring the past. At a Yakuza funeral, loyalty to a friend struggles with loyalty to the whole.
Chayamachi’s stories explore that which makes humans so imperfect: friendship, love, and heartbreaking regret.

We had some trouble when our original translator went missing, but another translator, Jun Kayama, stepped in, and we were able to get the last two manga in our set done in record time. BLANC  was also fun because I really enjoyed the stories in this manga. Despite the fact that Digital Manga has chosen to label this as “yaoi”, BLANC is actually a collection of short stories that range different genres, like high school friendship, supernatural, and even something a little shojo-y. There are some BL overtones in a couple of the stories, but overall I would still recommend this to people who don’t care for yaoi (and not just because it’s something that I worked on).

Chayamachi’s Collection: BLANC is currently available on the Kindle and the Nook. It’s advertised as being available on the website as well, but so far it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll post an update if I notice that it’s up.

The next project that will be coming out is Chayamachi’s Collection: NOIR. After that, it’s time to wait for our next set of projects.

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