MFA Semester 3: The Final Day

Yesterday was the last day of my third residency, and when I came back I was so tired and drained I couldn’t bear to post. So here it is now.

After my car was packed and my key returned, I went to Amy Downing’s graduating seminar on drawing and writing. Drawing, according to Amy, can put your mind in a certain state and can get you to see your story or your life in a different way. It definitely inspired me to start drawing more again.

After lunch I went to the tail end of the AWP panel, and then sat in a workshop on figuring out how to come up with your own idea for a panel at a conference. I didn’t have any of my own ideas pop up at this time, but it actually got me thinking about how taking part in these kinds of conferences can really help me.

Following this was the First Foot Forward agent/editor sessions, where I read a page of my story to an agent and she told me what she thought. It was very encouraging: she liked the mood and language, and everything that was off was something I had already set my mind on working on this semester.

I left soon after this. Throughout the whole day I said my goodbyes to my mentors and friends, and made promises to keep in touch that I’ll try so hard to keep. There were so many hugs, and my heart hurt a little bit, but I was tired and it was time to come home.

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