MFA Semester 3: Day One

Not everyone got over the the reception yesterday, but it was great to see the people that came. We met the new Writing for Young People students, a whole two of them! But these things come in waves; can’t have 6 of us show up EVERY semester. It was great to see my old mentors, too, and I got to have a quick chat with my new mentor, Susan. I’m so excited to work with her – have I mentioned that yet?

Later in the evening a few of us went out, and met up with two girls who started last semester but dropped out (I love this program, but I can accept that it’s not for everyone…I guess). We wound up at a huge table in a Mexican restaurant, and there was no end to my delight at hearing everyone talk about writing and books in the middle of a crowded, incredibly noisy room. Wonderful. I’m so glad to be back.

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