Onward to Cambridge: MFA Semester 3

Tomorrow I head to Cambridge for my third semester in the Lesley Creative Writing MFA. My mentor this semester is Susan Goodman, a very funny woman who wrote the picture book The Truth About Poop. While she doesn’t write fantasy novels, I know from sitting watching her critique other students in large group workshops that she still really knows what she’s talking about on that subject. I’m excited for a lot of the seminars, too, like David Elliott’s on Saturday and Tony Abbott’s later in the week. And of course I’m excited to see my writer friends, to talk about characters and sentences and commas without sounding crazy or boring the heck out of someone.

I’ll try to write posts throughout the residency, but no guarantees; I certainly don’t think I’ll be on here as regularly as I have in the past, though I hope to average about a paragraph a day. But for now I’m off to finish all of that packing and reading that just never got done.

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