What I’m Reading: Leviathan, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

True to my word, I started Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan. I’m only about halfway though (I’ve been busy lately) but so far I’m loving it. The “fabricated” beasts are really crazy, and its surreal to read about a character running around on an airship that’s actually a whale. And I really like Westerfeld’s style of talking about these things, just mentioning fabs and steam-powered walkers like it’s something completely natural. And a great bonus, which I didn’t even realize until I was buying the book, are the illustrations by Keith Thompson. They don’t just help you picture the strange beasts and machines (I think Westerfeld’s own words took care of that fine) but they are just so detailed and interesting, I have to hold myself back from flipping through too look at all of them in case I accidentally spoil the story.

I’ve also begun reading the collected novellas by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It was assigned by my MFA mentor, to learn about magical realism. While I’m picking up some things, I’m worried that I’m not really absorbing the things I’m meant to. I feel like too much of it is flying over my head. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything “literary”, so that could be part of my problem. Still the stories are very interesting, focusing on individual human struggles, and I’m at least enjoying the book for that.

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