What I’m Reading: Finishing Diary of a Wimpy Kid and City of Bones

I finished up two separate books over the last couple of days, which is always a nice accomplishment. While I was waiting for AAA to show up and start my car for me yesterday (more on this later? Maybe?) I took out my library copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and polished it off. This book was just as funny as the first one, and I continue to love all the illustrations. As I was discussing with a coworker earlier this week, what makes the story so appealing is that Gregory actually isn’t the nicest kid around. He’s not some example of what a kid should be – he’s actually kind of a dick, and a terrible friend. And it’s great, because if I’m remembering my childhood correctly, kids ALWAYS act like little jerks. They pick on each other, ignore each other for stupid reasons, use each other so they can be more popular and fit in. It’s just what kids do – I did it, you did it. It’s just about being a kid. Combined with the fact that they’re hilarious, it’s no wonder every kid I’ve ever seen gobbles them up.

I also finished City of Bones, flying through the last 200 pages last night and this morning. I have some general problems with the book, like with how long it takes Clare to get through scenes (does she really need that many chapters to rescue Simon?) And I really think she uses too many words to describe the action. But it was exciting, and I still like the characters. And a sudden twist means the romance portion won’t go the way you expect, though it involves a little bit of squick (if your read the book, I’m sure you know what I mean). So, while not the greatest books, I really enjoyed it. I just hope City of Ashes is still at the bookstore tomorrow…

Now that that’s done, I need to get some writing in… but I’m definitely starting Leviathan tonight.

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