Fullmetal Alchemist 26 – It’s Coming to an End

This week saw the release of the second to last volume of one of my favorite manga, Fullmetal Alchemist. I got my copy from Amazon.com on Monday, and set to reading it immediately. This volume was pretty full of fighting as Edward and everybody battle Father and the other homunculi (homunculuses?) so it’s a pretty quick read – or maybe I was just flipping through it too fast. There are still a few things that need finishing up – will Alphonse get his body, will everyone get their body parts back? – so this volume left me just as anxious to read more as I was before I even picked up this volume… Now to wait until December...

Which makes me wonder… what will I do after December? I’ve been collecting this manga since 2005 (and reading the scans before that, oops). That is more than 6 years of collecting this thing. I don’t think I’ve ever collected something for that long and been consistently happy with what I got (the latter part is very important). Even with series that I love now, like Twin Spica and Cross Game, I’ll only have been collecting them for a couple of years before I reach the finale. Being a collector of the FMA manga has been part of me as a fan for a while… I’m going miss it.

(As an added note, can I add how awful, horrible mad I am that people can buy a box set of the manga and get a discount plus extra stuff, while I, the chump that’s been buying individual volumes for 6 years, gets nothing special? Just sayin’.)

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