Review Recap: KON, Bunny Drop, Power Lunch & Kurozakuro

I have been avoiding my blog for too long. Particularly I fell behind in promoting my own darn reviews. Here’s what I’ve been up to the last two weeks:

On Suite 101:

  • K-ON! volume 3: How can I be enjoying something so much, and still think it’s mediocre at best? The characters are fun, but gosh this story is shallow.
  • Bunny Drop volume 4: I still love this adorable manga to death, but the drama didn’t grab me as much as previous volumes have been.
  • Power Lunch volume 1: This is a kid’s comic from Oni Press. I discovered it back in May on Free Comic Book Day. It’s just as interesting as I had hoped it would be, just a little short.

Over on Fandom Post:

I’m figuring out how to write a review for GON, the wordless manga bout a jerk-off dinosaur, and I’m reading through the Gandhi manga biography. I’ve also started writing some short reviews for Real Otaku Gamer, starting with My Girlfriend’s A Geek. Hopefully those get up soon…

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