Link: An Insider’s Take on Borders

I read an interesting article this morning. Paul Constant of The Portland Mercury, a former Borders employee, gives his own, insider view of working for Borders, how it was awesome, and the plethora of mistakes it made that led to the book chain’s current state. It’s sad reading how Borders was, apparently, once a store all about the books that the workers and customers wanted, before it morphed into something entirely commercially driven. He even talks about Borders’s HORRIBLE web presence, which I could never understand, and sees the day Borders gave that responsibility to Amazon as “the exact second that Borders died.” It reminds me that, while I miss Borders, they were a very dumb company that really had it coming.

I also immensely enjoy his description of the latter-day customers that replaced book lovers as the “pre-offended armies of bargain hunters”. It reminds me of something…

Also, just to give my page on Suite 101 a little push, one of the Graphic Novel/Comics writers posted her review of Justice League #1, the first of the DC new universe. I’m glad for this, since American comics aren’t my forte. It also gives me the chance to remind you all that if you have any bit of a desire to write an article or review about comics, please, please do – my poor section is so underrepresented.

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