Writing Updates: So Much Homework!

Sorry to my regular readers (all 2 of you) for not posting much recently. The due date for my next MFA submission is coming up, and I’ve been hammering away at that.

In his response to my last submission, Tony Abbott gave me a lot of excellent advice, from little things like changing a word, to ideas for new chapters or scenes that could flesh out my plot and characters. Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly enough time to actually get those ideas out – the submission’s due Monday, and I still have about 7 or 8 chapters I want to get through and fix, not to mention my annotations…. I shall not sleep much this week.

For my picture book IS, I haven’t been doing too much work… but when I’m done with this submission, I plan on reworking parts of my manuscript, along with reading quite a few more picture books. I have done some work, by researching frogs (the story’s about frogs, it makes sense).

Also, after reading Hate That Cat, my poetry brain woke up. I started reading my William Carlos Williams collection again, and have even written a couple of poems (in a notebook that no one will see, ever). Too bad it’s actually my “kid lit” brain I need this week…

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