Review Recap: Moon and Blood, Book Girl

I found sudden motivation at the end of last week, too, and wrote up two more reviews.

The first was for a short manga volume from Digital Manga Publishing, Moon and Blood by Nao Yazawa. It’s general shojo manga fare, but it’s still fun and charming enough that that hardly matters.

The second review was of Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime, the first in a series of Japanese light novels from Yen Press. While it had a bunch of technical issues that I couldn’t overlook (all of these writing classes are ruining books for me) it’s still pretty absorbing. Both reviews are on Suite 101.

I’m continuing to struggle with my review of Velveteen & Mandala, but hopefully–HOPEFULLY–I’ll have one up within a week. I also have a couple graphic novels on Net Galley I want to look at, plus the rest of the Book Girl series.

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