Review Recap: Three Musketeers & A Bride’s Story

I’ll be heading down to Cape Cod soon, so, no Internet. I’ll have a chance to get some reading done, so I’ll have that to talk about when I get back. To hold over, here’s a catchup on some recent reviews.

I stopped ignoring the ever-growing stack of Campfire graphic novels and picked up their rendition of The Three Musketeers. The art is really fantastic in this comic, but the way the adapter paced it out makes it really hard to swallow.

A Bride’s Story went down a lot easier. This manga is by Kaoru Mori, the same wonderful woman who wrote Emma, so I was really excited to get a review copy. The story is slow, but the art and characters are so wonderful that I didn’t really care. I could just stare at the patterns Mori put on Amir’s clothing…

That’s it for now. I have no idea what I’ll review next week, but Black Butler and Mameshiba are on the list.

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