What I’m Reading: A Drifting Life, Picture Books

When I came back from my week at Lesley, I was happy to see that my order from Thwipster, a daily deal website for comics and nerdy things, had come in, and I got my copy of the manga A Drifting Life.

This manga is an autobiographical work by Yoshiro Tatsumi, chronicling everything he went through to become, and continue to live as, a manga artist. On the one hand it doesn’t seem that Tatsumi had a terribly difficult life; though he had jealousy issues from his sickly elder brother, his family as a whole seemed very supportive of his dreams. But as a writer, I find it really inspiring to see how he dealt with his creative ups and downs, and his insecurities as he inevitably compares himself to people he believes are better. It’s also amazing to see just how much work he was able to produce as a high school student, and then as a young man! It’s certainly gotten me up from the book and in front of the computer to finish a chapter, or start a new story idea.  A Drifting Life is a pretty big honking book (over 800 pages!), and since I’ve only been reading a couple chapters at a time, I’m just barely past the halfway point.

I also spent a day last week in the children’s section of the library. As I mentioned earlier, I’m doing a picture book interdisciplinary study with Lesley this semester, so I can learn how to write picture books. And to learn, you have to read. I need to read a lot of books for this, and picture books aren’t the cheapest, (and even buying them used, I don’t have the space for them) so the best thing to do is plop down in the library and read for a couple of hours. Among the books I read were Miss Rumphius and Snow. I can only assume I looked really weird, if not downright creepy, reading and rereading my little stack. I’ll have to get over that, though; I’ll need read quite a few more books before this semester’s over. Guess the librarians are going to have to get used to me.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: A Drifting Life, Picture Books

  1. Haha…I thought I could finish A Drifting Life in a few days. Little did I realize what I said was a joke…

    But it is an excellent read though, not bad at all.

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