MFA: Day 3

The morning seminar focused on the “I” in writing, looking at things like the connection the reader makes with this narrator, and the type of trust we put in him or her. We also looked at the dangers in “I”, since people will often perceive it as a true account, even if it’s actually fictional. For this class we were also supposed to submit a short “I-based” piece, truth or fiction, before the semester started. We only looked at a couple, and my nervous self kept thinking, “Don’t pick mine, don’t pick mine.” Mine was first. It was passed around the room, and I had to read it and listen to people’s assessments. It was nerve-wracking, but also interesting to see who thought it was truth or fiction.

The afternoon brought on the first large group workshop. Working with Tony Abbott was great, as he helped us see strength in certain lines that we may have passed over before. Two of Jacqueline Davies’s students went next, and while her structure for the class was something I wasn’t used to, I also felt like I was able to get out more of what I wanted to say.

After the evening readings, and a small reception where we were able to talk to Tony again, five of us set out to Harvard Square to look at books! Too bad they close at 9:00 on Sundays. But one girl (someone who is actually my age, I’m not the youngest one anymore) showed us a tasty ice cream place. Maybe we can get to the bookstore later this week…

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