Back at the MFA: Day One

I arrived at Lesley University this afternoon. I got my dorm room, and while it’s nice enough I definitely prefer staying at the Irving House: better mattresses, blankets, food and tea at all hours, and I had my own room to boot! Although it is awfully convenient staying this close to the campus.

It’s great to see familiar faces, and to know that I’m a familiar face when I come here. I was much, much less nervous than I was last semester, so I could better enjoy the afternoon.

And, after a long conversation about craft and books over burgers and wine, I’m remembering how great it is to be surrounded by writers.

Tomorrow starts the seminars, and meeting with our mentors. This semester I’ll work with Tony Abbott, and after all I’ve heard about him I’m immensely excited.

One thought on “Back at the MFA: Day One

  1. I am so glad you are continuing you education with writing and learning from the experts. Thanks for creating this blog to share your love of manga and writing :)

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