Weekend Links – Reading Comics

It looks like DC Comics will be rebooting it’s entire universe, starting everything back at #1. As far as I’m able to tell, this will be the new way of things across the board (please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m finding myself confused with all this). Understandably a lot of readers are freaking out, but from the perspective of someone who is a mild DC fan at best, this is interesting news.  I could never muster up the courage to really plunge into either Marvel or DC, simply because the history is too long and the universe too complicated. I knew I’d be missing something, not understanding it, and I hate to be told how the story went before rather than actually read it myself. I don’t have the budget to start being an super hero comics fan now, so I won’t be getting hooked in by this, but high-school-aged-Angela certainly would have been.

Over on The Manga Critic, Kate Dacey has done another great job of turning me on to a manga I might have otherwise never heard of with her review of A Zoo in Winter. This manga tells the tale of a young man working and striving to be a manga artist, and while not as flashy and exciting as Bakuman Kate makes it sound a tad more true about the whole process. And it just seems like a great coming-of-age tale, which I always enjoy.

Manga Bookshelf will be hosting the Manga Movable Feast this month with Wild Adapter. I won’t be participating this time – I can’t get the manga through my library, and as mentioned before, no budget to buy extra manga. But I’ll be trying to read along, as should you! Take a look; maybe you’ll have the urge to pick up the series and contribute.

Johnny Wander, one of my favorite webcomics, has started up a second short story arc with The Girl with the Skeleton Hand characters. It’s been really cute so far… though actually kind of morbid, too.

What have you guys been reading online this week?

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