Writing Problems – My Mixed Up, Jumbled Denouement

I got past the rough (rough, rough, rough) draft of my climax, and started in on the ending of my story. Here was the part that I had clear in my head for a while now… and it wouldn’t flow out.

As I wrote, pieces and scenes, but they bits that happened several scenes after what I had just gotten out, or even occurred before what I’d already put on the paper. And then there’s the complete dissatisfaction I had with half of it – I rewrote one scene three times, and it’s just when my main character is waking up.

Everything is out of order, and most of the scenes don’t have any bridge to connect them to everything else that’s going on. It’s quite a mess.

But it’s not that bad.

Now that I have the pieces, it’s a matter of arranging them in the right order. I hope that when I decide what happens when, I’ll find that the gaps aren’t so huge and they won’t be that hard to fill in. It’s frustrating, and a little overwhelming when I think about it too much, but it’s fun to think of all the things I can still do.

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