Recent Manga Reviews: Kurozakuro and Blue Exorcist

I haven’t made this kind of post in a while, probably because I’ve been busy and my review writing has slowed down. But here are a couple that I’ve gotten up recently.

Kurozakuro by Yoshinori NatsumeFirst is my review of Kurozakuro volume 2 over at the Fandom Post. (Chris Beveridge no longer works with Mania, instead writing on this website, and all of his reviewers followed him.) I haven’t read the first volume of this series, but this one was interesting. Monster designs are boring, though, and where the heck did all the female characters go?

The next review I wrote was for Real Otaku Gamer: Blue Exorcist volume 1. This supernatural manga has a fun but predictable story, but the real high point of it is Kazue Kato’s character designs and background art. I have some images up on the review if you want to check it out.

I’m just about finished with my review for Kurozakuro volume 3, and after that I’ll have a series of short reviews of mostly Yen Press material. After that, I’ll likely be reading the Arina Tanemura manga that’s been staring at me. (I mean, literally, the girl on the cover has huge eyes, they’re boring into me.)

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