What I’m Reading – Peach Girl and Game of Thrones

When I had a few spare moments after coming back from Anime Boston, I dove right into my newly bought pile of Peach Girl manga. Peach Girl was something I passed on when I first began collecting manga, so my immediate reaction to Miwa Ueda’s manga was “I can’t believe I never read this.” I’m a drama fiend, and this story is chock-full of it. But as I got through volume 4, I started to get sick of it. As human as it may be to do this, I can’t stand it when characters repeat a terrible mistake. And as Momo goes back to being friends with Sae, I just want to scream at her. The terrible stuff’s going to happen all over again, and I’ve been too anxious about it to pick up volume 5.

I’ve also gone back to rereading A Game of Thrones since I finished all my MFA reading. I’m actually amazed at how wrapped up in the story I’m getting, considering I’ve read this all before. There are so many details that Martin includes that I did not pay attention to the first time around, and a second read-through is reminding me how important these bits turn out to be. Then there are the parts I simply forgot, so it’s almost like I’m reading parts of this story for the first time.

I’m almost done with A Game of Thrones (just 150 pages to go, woo!) and then I’ll pick up the second part, A Clash of Kings. I really hope to finish all four books before A Dance with Dragons comes out in July, but we’ll see. If I’m not done by that date I might just have to keep myself off the internet for a while…

3 thoughts on “What I’m Reading – Peach Girl and Game of Thrones

  1. I just began watching Bleach on Netflix. I never finished it a couple of years ago. Also I have not finished the manga “Sensual Phrase” and was hoping to find some deals because I can not spend more books. I just cannot :)

    However, right now I am reading Larry Brook’s book on Story Engineering: Mastering the 6 Core Competencies of Story Writing and it is oh so good.


  2. The cover art for Peach Girl is a huge turn off…which is a shame because the actual art in the manga itself seems much better. I also bought a bunch when I found them on sale (2 or 3 bucks each I think?). Sae is the bitchiest bitch who ever bitched.

    I really need to read Game of Thrones…everyone seems to be making a big deal about the new show that just started airing. But I always prefer to read first and see film/tv adaptations after.

    • I HATE SAE SO MUCH. Why would a person ever talk to her, ever?

      I love A Game of Thrones. I love it, love, love it. I have a hard time being rational when I suggest it. All I can say is read it.

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