Anime Boston – My Manga Haul

Anime Boston finished, and I had quite a bit of fun. I didn’t get to go to every panel I wanted, and I stopped in some I didn’t think I was going to see. I ended the convention with my normal feeling that, even though I did quite a bit, I didn’t really do enough.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the manga I bought.

I’ve brought in some huge hauls from Anime Boston before, but considering how much I have to spend money on now (school, car, wedding, um, food) I didn’t get quite so much as that. But I think my buys were pretty good:

Pretty decent, I’d say. I could have caught up on series like Hoshin Engi and Rurouni Kenshin as well, but I couldn’t quite see how to fit it all into my budget. Aside from manga I only bought one anime, the Blu-ray of Summer Wars (got a free T-shirt with that one) and one figure, a tiny model of Going Merry from One Piece. (Yes, I bought a figurine of a ship.)

What do you think – did I do good? Was there anything you would have caught up on instead? Or, what else do you buy at conventions, if you go?

13 thoughts on “Anime Boston – My Manga Haul

  1. Hey Bookworm :),
    I probably would have bought the same thing: mangas and figurines. But since I love anime as well, I would have to pick up more DVDs of the thousands I have not seen yet.(Of course money would be a bit stretched and I have school as well).

    Also, you mention about a wedding? In the summertime, my wedding invitation and program business should be kicking off by then, so let me know if you need anything!


  2. I would have been looking all over for Ode to Kirihito (because I don’t have Part II), probably look for a few volumes of Love Hina that I don’t have, and somehow find Volume 4 of Strawberry 100. That’s just me. And there are probably others I want but can’t remember. Oh well.

    Anyways, enjoy watching Summer Wars on BLU-RAY :( :( :( (only has the non blu-ray version)

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