What to Do at Anime Boston

This year marks Anime Boston‘s ninth year, and also the ninth year I’ve been going to anime conventions.While I’m not trembling with excitement like I once was, I’m still glad to be going back.

In past years I’ve flipped my head over voice actor panels and autographs, but I’m not as excited with those things anymore (I can only listen to Greg Ayres talk about how he became a voice actor so many times, really). But there are only a couple of industry panels, and neither of them are for manga companies. So, what am I supposed to do? I’ve been perusing the schedule, and I think I’ve mapped out a few things I want to at least poke my head in on.

For nostalgia’s sake I want to look at The Anime Club Survival Manual. It’s not information I’ll need now, but it will remind me of my days as Anime Club President; maybe I’ll see that I did everything right (but more likely I’ll find I didn’t know what I was doing). Of course, it’s at the same time as a panel on the Tokyo Non-Existent Youth Bill: that’s something I don’t know much about but feel like I should. Saturday’s Manga for History Geeks is one of the few manga-centric panels, and it might be interesting (and give me more things I want to buy…)

FUNimation has a couple of panels, FUNimation.com presents and a sneak peek panel, and Sentai Filmworks is having an info-session right after a State of the Industry panel. Even though there are some interesting panels on Friday night, I’ll be going to the AMV contest then so I can pop in on the Mania.com panel on Saturday morning. (I might skip the drama AMVs to catch the GLBT Manga and Anime panel, however.)

So there are a few panels, but oddly enough they’re all clustered together. So, I’ll probably be finding myself with a lot of down time. Not too good when the Dealer’s Room is right there, with all that manga I want to read…

So, people of the Internet, are any of you going to Anime Boston?


6 thoughts on “What to Do at Anime Boston

  1. I found that as well. I still like going to Panels of voice actors, if they’re more risque topics (like yaoi, or just wtf). But I agree, the questions asked at voice actor and industry guest panels often aren’t very original; and it’s not like I have something more original to say haha. I am glad to go though, it’s nice to see friends and be around 15,000 people who share my interests for a weekend. :)

    • Yeah, the panels when the VAs talk about something really specific is much more interesting to me now-a-days. Less people show up since their names aren’t in the panel title so I don’t have to listen to requests for them to recite a line, and they seem to get to much more interesting/hilarious topics there.

  2. I was one of the panel heads for the ‘The Anime Club Survival Manual,’ if you went I’m happy you did since it was our first panel ever!

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