Weekend Links – Slim Pickin’s

I didn’t do too much on the Internet this week, but a couple of interesting things popped up.

This past week was Beverly Cleary’s 95th birthday. Children’s Book-A-Day Almanac celebrated by taking a look at Henry Huggins. I’ve never read that one myself, but I’ve read a few of the Ramona Quimby books, and of course Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Cute Overload features a real hero – a firefighter giving oxygen to a kitten.

And Oh My Gosh Guys, Anime Boston is in one week. The schedule is up and everything, so I ca prepare to get my nerd on.

Because I did a poor job with relevant links this week, I’ll bring it up again: if there’s anything you even kind of think I might find interesting on the Internet, feel free to let me know! Post it here, or on my Facebook page, and I will be so happy.

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