New Reviews Online: Cross Game 3, Sumomomo 7

Last week I posted my review for Cross Game volume 3, which comes out next week. This manga is quickly becoming one of my favorite manga I’ve ever read, and sits only just behind Twin Spica for best series I’ve started this past year.

On the other end of the spectrum, my review for Sumomomo, Momomo volume 7 was posted on This manga is only good when there are epic fights, and there were no epic fights in this one… I think I quit on this series.

Also, a short news post I wrote for Real Otaku Gamer is now up. Hiromu Arakawa is starting a new manga series! Let’s hope it’s as good as Fullmetal Alchemist, or at least better than Hero Tales.

After a rush to get everything done for my last MFA submission I’ve been taking this week easy, (which is why I’ve been neglecting the blog) but I shall try to get a manga review on Suite 101 this week.

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