Weekend Links – Fight On, Japan

I’m still bad at this. I guess I just keep forgetting that Friday is coming.

Even though I’ve already posted it, I’ll mention again how Daniella has gone out of her way to create a fundraiser for the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan. You should really check it out; it’s amazing how quickly she’s managed to raise money. And if you can’t give anything right now, at least spread the word.

And in case you need a reason to think these people deserve help, The Telegraph notes how there has been no looting in Japan, something that’s actually pretty  uncommon – just think of Katrina.

According to Shelf Awareness, Borders is planning to close another 28 stores by the end of May. This means that nearly half of the chain’s bookstores will be closed. They’ve attached a PDF file with the list of stores – if you thought your local Borders was safe, you might want to check it out.


Because I’m bad at this…

If any of you find a link that’s relevant to this blog, or that I simply might like, send it over! I love reading interesting things, I just have a hard time finding them myself…

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