This Week’s Articles and Reviews: Bunny Drop, More Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop, Josei Manga by Yumi UnitaI got extra hours at work this week, which meant I had less time for writing. But it also meant I actually made more money, so, nice.

On Suite 101 I put up my review for Bunny Drop volume 3. I reviewed volumes 1 and 2 a little while back, and was very excited to read this one. It’s a very sweet, real-feeling story. Go read the review to see exactly why I suggest it.

I also started writing about manga on the website Real Otaku Gamer. My first article was also about Bunny Drop, reporting the news that the manga is ending in Japan. There is also an anime, and a live-action movie, on the way, which I am delighted to hear.

This week I’ll read one of the books I have for, and maybe one of my review copies for Digital Manga Publishing. I also have an article planned for ROG on where to find manga online – legally, of course.

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