Weekend Links: Zombies in Technicolor

Full-color zombies in manga magazine Yen Plus.Gosh, I’m doing a poor job at this. I’ve been meaning to collect links throughout the week, but here I am with mere pittance. Am I not reading enough? Or do I just keep forgetting to write stuff down?

HarperCollins is limiting what libraries can do with their eBooks, and librarians are spitting mad.

Manga publisher Yen Press is now publishing High  School of the Dead in full color through their digital magazine, Yen Plus. I reviewed the first volume of High School of the Dead for Suit 101 and wasn’t terribly impress; I’m not sure some color images will improve upon the story. But, it’s still fun that they’re doing it.

And while I’m on the subject of nerdy things, my favorite nerdy blog Topless Robot gave me a shock with the list of 9 Manga Artists Who Totally Drew Porn. (NSFW!!!) Some of them I knew, some were minor-ly shocking, but Kiyohiko Azuma broke my brain – he draws Yotsuba&!, damnit!

Also, I’m sure everyone’s heard about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Anime News Network has put up a handy link to the Red Cross, and has an ever-updating list of anime, manga, and gaming industry members who have checked in since the earthquake to let fans know they’re OK.

What have you found on the Internet this week?

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