This Week’s Manga Reviews: Slam Dunk and Dragon Girl

Slam Dunk volume 1, Basketball MangaThis week I got up my first post on, a review of the Shonen Jump manga Slam Dunk. I had gotten Slam Dunk from the library, on a suggestion from Deb Aoki. It’s a fun high school sports manga, and I’m excited to get the next one from the library, whenever I have the time.

I also reviewed both omnibus editions of Dragon Girl from Yen Press. This series, a shojo, as fun, though pretty predictable and cheesy. I loved a lot of the characters, but Hasekura was the man.Dragon Girl Manga, Omnibus 2

I have a few manga sitting around that I don’t have a lot to say about, like K-ON! Vol. 2 and a volume of Ugly Duckling’s Love Revolutionfrom Yen Press, so this week I’ll likely have a group of short reviews. Hopefully I’ll have something written for another website I’m starting for, Real Otaku Gamer, as well.


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