Another Place for My Reviews – BookNom

Tasty Book Reviews

Last week I signed on to write for a new website, The website, run by Matt Blind, is a review site for books – any books! – that the reviewers love. Yup, no bad reviews here, only glowing recommendations.

Earlier this week Matt put up a Q & A he had with me to introduce me as a writer, and I posted my first review for the site, Slam Dunk volume 1. Yes, this is a manga, like I tend to review, oh, everywhere else. But it’s the book I had most recently read that I really liked. I’ll be posting up recommendations for novels and children’s books later, as I read and love them.

I want to add that BookNom is still looking for contributors, since it’s a new site without too many writers. I’ve only written one review, but I can say that it was fun, and Matt is an easy person to work with. If you’re interested, give it a look.


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