What I Bought: My Reapings from a Dying Borders

Our local Borders is one of the casualties in the book chain’s recent fallout, so on Saturday I went with Pat to check out the going out of business sale.

Magazines had the best discount, at 40% off. I bought an issue of The Writer, and a wedding magazine (those buggers are expensive on their own!) The paperback/manga sale was only 20% off. Not the greatest, so I only bought a few things that I’d been waiting on: Spice and Wolf volumes 1 and 2 (I wrote a review of volume 3), and Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose for my MFA. Pat picked out a book on the nutritional information of chain restaurants (the lesson learned from that book is don’t eat anywhere, ever) and a guide to Disney World for adults (we’re going there for our honeymoon).

I overheard an employee tell a curious customer that the Borders won’t be closing until April. I’m hoping the unimpressive sale prices will drop even further as that date inches closer, so I’ll be keep checking into the store – if I can find a spot in the parking lot, that is.

Borders Booksellers Bookstore

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