Writing Updates – February 5, 2011

I posted my updates on articles earlier today, so check my previous post to learn about those.

I’ve just about finished the edits on my creative writing for Lesley, which is fantastic since that’s due Monday. I had to redo much of the beginning, rearranging events, rewriting whole chapters, and merging scenes. It was a giant pain in the butt, but I after reading over people’s comments, I knew it was something I had to do in order to pick up the pace of the novel. After all, this is for middle-grade kids, and those books usually get right to the thick of it. Still, nothing is more obnoxious than knowing you have to change what you’ve already written. (I’ll probably write a better post on this whole process later.)

Other work that needs to get done for Lesley are my craft essays.  I have really rough drafts of both of them, but some quick work should give me something that’s not entirely embarrassing.

I’ve also been getting some feedback on the Digital Manga Guild. After talking with a few typesetters, I now have  a partner! Now we can team up to find a translator – which will actually be pretty hard, since available translators are few and far between. But, already having two thirds of the group established will help us out.

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