New Review! Ayn Rand’s Anthem Graphic Novel


Anthem by Ayn Rand
Anthem Graphic Novel


It’s been a slow week for me. I managed to squeak out one review for Suite 101, the graphic novel adaptation of Anthem by Ayn Rand. I must be on Penguins list of graphic novel reviewers, since this getting sent my way was a surprise. A pleasant surprise, mind you, since I really enjoyed the book! I’ve never read anything by Ayn Rand before, so this was a nice introduction to her philosophy. Be sure to check out my review for all my thoughts.

I wrote a review of Very! Very! Sweet volume 7 for; I sent it in this morning, so it should be on that website some time next week. I just have to review Very! Very! Sweet volume 8, and I’ll have (finally) finished my backlog of Mania books – so I can order more! Heh heh.

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