MFA Day Two

I had a great seminar with Susan Goodman, about researching for projects. I know that even though I’m working on a fantasy story set in an entirely fictional world, I would still have to do some degree of research. I had some general ideas about this, but she helped me focus some ideas I wanted to follow, mainly historical examples of the kind of discrimination that goes on in my novel so I could understand how the psychology of that kind of hate so I could make it come up in my novel naturally.

I had another really great seminar on reading as a writer with Steve Cramer. It took me a little while, but I even managed to speak up a little bit!

We decided on order for manuscript workshops. I’m going on Monday. I just want to get it done, so I can lose some of this anxiety. Of course, the small group workshops are still to come on Friday…

In between seminars I walked to Starbucks with some people I’ve met. On the way back another woman and I saw a sparrow in a bush, just sitting there while we looked at it. We had a nice conversation about birds, particularly hawks and crows, afterwards. Awesome.

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