New Manga Reviews: Yotsuba&! and Not Love But Delicious Foods



I didn’t get too much done last week thanks to holiday-instilled laziness, but I got a couple of  reviews done this week when I came back. First I wrote a review for Yotsuba&! volume 9 from Yen Press. This review was a bit of a cheat; since I’ve already purchased and read the first 8 books, I went into this manga knowing full well I was going to love it. It’s hilarious in a way that’s hard to describe in words, and Kiyohiko Azuma’s expressions are just great.



Not Love But Delicious Foods

I also reviewed a pretty unique manga, Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy by Fumi Yoshinaga, also from Yen Press. The title doesn’t lie, this manga is all about food and how much the main character loves to eat it and share it. A good read, though it suffered from boring spots.



Also, I’m going to Lesley on Friday. Less than a week. I am SO nervous I don’t even have time to be excited about it.

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