New Reviews: Kamisama Kiss and Itsuwaribito


Kamisama Kiss Volume 1


I’ve been a little slow with the updates, but then again I haven’t been up to too much, unfortunately. Over the last couple weeks I’ve gotten up two reviews on Suite 101. First there’s the shojo manga Kamisama Kiss by Julietta Suzuki. It was a cute story, and I really liked the heroine, but it was still pretty predictable.

Even more predictable than that was the other manga IItsuwaribito Volume 1 reviewed, Itsuwaribito, a shonen manga by Yuuki Iinuma. It was a pretty fun story, but the characters and the plot are just too shallow. The mascot character is super cute, though!

I might get another post up on Bookworm’s Corner this weekend, and I have a couple more reviews I plan on having done this week. But a lot of that will get pushed back in favor of all the work I have to get done for Lesley, ha ha. We’ll see how productive I manage to be.

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