My Great Manga Gift Guide! Plus Short Manga Reviews

Well, I finally got it up yesterday: my Great Manga Gift Guide on Bookworm’s

Sumomomo, Momomo by Shinobu Ohtaka
Sumomomo, Momomo

Corner.  I’ve read a lot of the other gift guides that have come out, and those are more well-written, and often-times more thematic, than mine is, so check out Daniella’s list of 2010 guides if you don’t care for mine.

Before I wrote that, though, I got two sets of short reviews up on Suite 101. First there were Ichiroh! volume 3, Sumomomo, Momomo volume 6 and Black God volume 11. The best in that bunch was Sumomomo, and the worst was Ichiroh! – it’s a comedy manga, but I hardly found it funny.

Spice & Wolf
Spice & Wolf

The next article reviewed two titles, Spice & Wolf volume 3 and Nabari no Ou volume 5. I really enjoyed the characters in Spice & Wolf, and was surprised to find the plot so exciting,but Nabri no Ou was just blah.

I sent in a review for Sumomomo, Momomo volume 4 to Mania yesterday, so that should be up next week, and my next Suite 101 review will be a shojo manga from VIZ Media, Kamisama Kiss.

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