Reviews of Tom Sawyer and K-ON! :: Gearing Up for Grad School

Oof, I fell behind a little with updates!

Tome Sawyer
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Only a few reviews have gotten done this week. First there was my review of the Campfire adaptation of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I had a problem with the art in this one; not the cartoony-ness of it, but the absolutely dreadful colors.

I also reviewed Yen Press’s 4-koma manga K-ON! Big secret, I’m actually a sucker for moe, so I had fun reading this one. But it was still pretty bland, and character stereotypes were just pasted on.

Very! Very! Sweet
Manhwa, Very! Very! Sweet

I had also been sent the final volumes of three manhwa (Korean comics) That was nice and all, except I’d never any of the volumes in any of those series! So, I did a quick once-over of all three volumes in one post, Final Volumes of Three Manhwa Series from Yen Press.

Remember that reading blog I started? Yeah, I almost forgot, too. I remembered it, so this morning I finished up a post on how I used to be embarrassed to read a certain comic book in high school…

In NaNo news, my current word count stands at 27,374, making me over 2,000 words behind. Woops. I could catch up, but I’m becoming more and more indifferent towards the project. I’d like to finish, but I’m starting to not care about the story.

It also doesn’t help that I have so much to get ready for Lesley! I have a ton of reading I need to start, and I need to fix up my manuscript so I can send it in for in for intense scrutiny. So, NaNo may be abandoned in favor of things I just have to get done…

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