4,069 Words for NaNo

Last word count: 4,069. Oh gosh, I’m behind – keeping on track, i should have finished writing 5,000 words yesterday. I’ll hopefully at least catch up to that number by tonight, and then only be a full day behind.

A portion of what I wrote didn’t entirely suck, so I’ll post that after the jump.

The narrow hallway was dark, but Kieran could see the orange light of the fireplace up ahead. Weasel was probably sitting out waiting for him; this was when he’d promised to return, after all. But Kieran kept his steps as slow as always, and he was behind the chair in the small common room before his presence was noted.

“Ah!” An older man started when he realized someone was standing beside him. “Kieran, you made it back. And you were successful, I would guess?”

Kieran smiled. “I would say so, Weasel.”

The old man scowled. “Why can’t you just call me Sal?” he asked as he stood up. “Arlen always called me Sal.”

Kieran cocked his head to the side. The old man was long and thin, and despite his age he was still quite lithe and flexible. He had a curious patch of whiskers right around his nose and upper lip, and his small black eyes shone at the sight or sniff of any new treasure.

“That name doesn’t suite you,” Kieran answered, and the Weasel shook his head.

“Well, however that may be,” he said, dumping the subject. The fight over the Weasel’s own name was something he could never seem to win. “Let’s head into the office, then, and take a look at what you got.”

Kieran made a step to follow the old man, but there was a scurrying in one of the hallways behind him. The thief froze solid, listening for another sound, but of course there was none.

“I know you’re there,” he chided in a whisper. “Stop hiding and come out and face me, creature.”

There was a snarl, and Kieran spun around just in time to catch a ball of fur in his chest.

“Tokala! How have you been?”

The creature looked like a fox, but was barely the size of a small cat. Her yellow eyes glowed even in the dim light of the room, and her fur was the strange blue-black of night. Her small nose twitched as she sniffed her masters jacket and face, and then with a small Kip rubbed her face into his chin.

Kieran scratched the fox behind her ears. “Sorry to have left you alone for so long,” he said, and the fox pulled back her head, giving the thief a small nip on his hand to show how angry she had been – not hard enough to break the skin, since that would be dangerous, but still hard enough that Kieran had to wince. “Did you behave while I was gone?”

“Of course she didn’t” Weasel spat. “The little hellion tore around for days and tried to chew apart that girl every time they passed through the same room. That brat Coe hasn’t hardly been here the last few days in part to her whining. Do us a favor and just take the beast with you when you leave the city, huh?”

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