New Reviews: Itazura na Kiss, Welcome to Tranquility & Bakuman!

Bakuman Volume 1 © VIZ Media

This week I’ve managed to get three reviews completed: Itazura na Kiss from Digital Manga, Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave from Wildstorm, and Bakuman from VIZ Media. InK was a fun shojo manga – it reminded me of stuff like Marmalade Boy, which I love. Welcome to Tranquility was an interesting concept; I’ve never read the original comics, and I kind of want to, but not enough to buy them. Bakuman was what I’ve really been looking forward to: it’s a manga bout creating manga, and it’s just the kind of coming-of-age story that I love. That said, it had some serious

Itazura na Kiss
Itazura na Kiss

problems with sexism that I’m having a hard time getting over–read my review to see what I mean.

I also wrote a news article on Tokyopop putting its Hetalia: Axis Power manga for sale as a digital book on Zinio before the print version comes out. It’s really nice to see a manga company taking a big step with this, and hopefully it works out for them so we can see more manga for digital sale. I won’t read it, since I hate reading manga on the computer, but maybe it will shut some other fans up.

It seems that Suite101 has altered some of its editorial policies. I’ve only skimmed them, but it seems I’ll be able to use first person now when it’s appropriate, and also be able to inject some opinion into my articles. This extra bit of freedom is welcome, as it’s hard to twist my words to avoid first/second person but also still have my writing be interesting. Still going to try not to use it too much, though.

I got another comic from DC to review, but that’s got to wait in line with Gente and Maoh vol. 2. I should also be getting some manga in the mail from another website that I’ll be reviewing for, so that is a long list of things to do o__o I’ve been neglecting some of my creative stuff lately, but I’ll be on mini-vacation this weekend away from the Internet so I’ll try to concentrate on it there. I’ve still got about half of Becky to go through for edits, and I need to finish typing Jordan into the computer. Not to mention all the work I want to do on Speaksong before I start at Lesley….


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