More Articles-It’s Been a Prolific Week

I’ve got another several Suite 101 articles up — I’ve been on a roll!

Dragon Ball Z Kai Anime to Air on Nicktoons TV, Ristorante Paradiso Published by VIZ Media, Finding Free and Legal Manga, VIZ Anime Interactive Streaming Site Launched, Anime Dubs Announced by Sentai Filmworks, Final Volume of Pluto Manga Released April 6th, Rosario + Vampire Season II Debuts April 6 and Review – Hisashi Tenmyouya Samurai Nouveau.

The review was hard to write, since it was a documentary. I don’t watch too many documentaries, so I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. I actually wound up writing it twice, but I think the final result came out okay. So far my most popular article out of that group is the one on DBZ Kai; people are just really excited about that I guess.


One thought on “More Articles-It’s Been a Prolific Week

  1. my my you have been busy! Excellent work as usual :) I might have to check out “Sugar: A little snow fairy” haha
    and who wouldn’t be excited for dbz?

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