I’m a Press Contact! :: New Articles

I’ve been emailing companies to get permission to use their images in articles, and now I’ve been added to the press database for Viz Media. That’s exciting for me, because it means that this is actually a real thing that I’m doing. Also, now I can use images without fear of being sued.

I wrote a little more in Speaksong, and also got my applications together for the MFA programs I’m applying to. VCFA is all set, but I need to figure out how many credits I received at CSC before I send out my Lesley University application. I also have to email my professors to make sure my letters get sent. I also fixed a part of another short story.

I got another rejection letter from a literary agency. I believe that makes four now? Ah, well. Keeping at it.

Here are the two articles I wrote today:



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