I’ve had lots of story ideas that I’ve started, or even finished, and then just left in a notebook or saved in some forgotten folder in my computer. I’m starting to discover, however, that a lot of this work is, actually, quite usable. It needs quite a bit of work (I just redid the entire ending of one very short story) but I’m actually finding stuff with potential. Like, hey, maybe I actually have some talent? I think it fits some of the children’s magazines I’ve been preparing to submit too, so this gives me just that much more to send in.

Just gonna keep throwing spaghetti at the wall until something sticks…

One thought on “Redoes

  1. I didn’t know you had a webpress blog! :D Yay I shall follow you! and that is write, sometimes pasta just needs a little more time till it’s tender. OKay, I’m bad at metaphors but the point is yay for revamping old stuff. I like doing that sometimes, especially if I’m in a creative slump.

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